Malibu represented in soccer classic

The newly formed DMS11 soccer team, which includes 7 Malibuites, defeated Santa Barbara in the finals to win the 2008 Thousand Oaks Classic. The Malibu boys are: Jimmy Dorn, Jake Nokes, Max Watkins, Stone Gettings, JoeMack Leonardo, Cameron Smoller and Toren Norris.

The new DMS11 boys soccer team, coached by Malibu High School varsity boys soccer coach Dan Metcalfe, beat a gold-level team from Santa Barbara, 2-1, to clinch the Thousand Oaks Classic Tournament. The team, together for only five weeks, defeated two silver teams on the way to the final, as well as Newbury Park.

“It is an amazing achievement that after only seven games, we have a championship against teams that have been together for up to four years,” Metcalfe said.

The deep friendships forged over such a short time have come from an

intense training program and a commitment from each player to dedicate himself to train as a champion, regardless of the end result.

Especially unique is the number of Malibu players who joined the DMS11 U12 team, including Jake Nokes, Cameron Smoller, JoeMack Leonardo, Max Watkin, Toren Norris, Jimmy Dorn, Stone Gettings, Cameron Burnett, Julian Paige and Mason Bourbeau .

These Malibu players are said to be the core of Malibu High School soccer in the upcoming years and are proud to bring a championship to the city of Malibu and to those they represent each time they step onto the field.

-Olivia Damavandi

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