Malibu PTAs must raise money for Santa Monica schools


    Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under Equalism, it’s just the opposite. Malibu parents are being categorized in the middle of SMMUSD budget cuts; the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School Board could make it difficult for Malibu PTAs and private donors to reinstate cut programs.

    Superintendent John Deasy has proposed changing the district’s gift policy to forbid individual schools from using private donations to reinstate lost programs and services as a result of budget cuts because of the failure of Measure EE. SMMUSD’s John Deasy says that money raised or donated should be equally distributed amongst all the schools to bring back programs that have been eliminated. Since some PTA organizations raise more than others, giving their school an edge.

    With more money raised by the aggressive Malibu PTAs, schools can hire more teacher aids to keep class sizes smaller. Malibu can afford to give their elementary school students music and art programs not found at other schools, but promised all parents under the provisions of passed Measure Y Parcel Tax. Lord forbid that Malibu kids have access to better facilities and equipment. “Lord forbid” a wealthy member of the entertainment community fund a theater program at Malibu High School.

    School board president collectivist Julia Brownley said she believes the equal distribution is needed to prevent economic disparities between schools in poor neighborhoods and those located in wealthier sections of the school district (i.e. Malibu.)

    MISC (Malibu Issues Steering Committee) is behind our Malibu Schools and the entire, never delivered, promises of Measure Y. MISC promised to purchase the first bass drum for the Malibu High School Marching Band, but now will have to buy many drums to help our local high school. John Deasy’s leadership is blemished. Equalist Deasy makes it a transgression to be successful, yet teaches success to students as a goal. Successfully poor Julia Brownley will make it a crime to give our kids the best Malibuites can give them.

    All Malibuites, just not property owners, are being castigated for the inability of SMMUSD to live within its budget. Malibu Unified School District would make an imposing name.

    And that is all I have to say.

    Tom Fakehany, chair

    Malibu Issues Steering Committee