Serving and protecting


    Many of the citizens of Malibu have been convinced that the California Coastal Commission’s Certified LCP for the City of Malibu is a violation of “our local control.” The truth is that “local control” only occurs when the Coastal Commission certifies an LCP that complies with the Coastal Act, only then does the city have the authority to implement “local control” and run the business of the city. There is nothing within the Malibu LCP that is in violation of the California Coastal Act.

    With regard to Sara Wan, one thing is certain. Should the Coastal Commission lose her service and influence, the Coastal Act will have been dealt a very significant setback. Sara Wan’s primary objective has been to protect and enforce the Coastal Act to the letter of the law, the same law that governs the entire California Coast.

    Malibu is the last environmental vestige in L.A. County, the place we all love and care for. It should be protected to the maximum extent possible within the law.

    Ozzie Silna