Malibu beaches receive poor water quality grades


Heal the Bay released its End of Summer Beach Report Card Tuesday, and Malibu beaches did not fare well. The report card, which tracks water quality from Memorial Day (May 30) to Labor Day (Sept. 5), listed several beaches in Malibu as receiving ‘F’ grades.

Malibu beaches receiving ‘F’ grades included: Escondido Creek Solstice Canyon at Dan Blocker County Beach, Surfrider Beach (breach point), Malibu Pier, Carbon Beach at Sweetwater Canyon and Topanga State Beach.

Also receiving an ‘F’ grade was the Marie Canyon storm drain at Puerco Beach (24572 Malibu Road), despite the presence of a runoff treatment facility. The report card speculates that “although the treatment facility appears to be working efficiently, the treated effluent may be affected by large amounts of algae and rotting kelp (possibly harboring bacteria) that accumulates downstream before the treated flow reaches the open ocean.”