Driving for life


    Actors Dennis Weaver and Bill Pullman at Weaver’s Malibu home for a recent party thanking sponsors and supporters of “Drive For Life,” a media campaign to raise awareness of alternative fuel energies, such as hydrogen-powered cars. Photo courtesy of Julian Meyers

    Story by Laura Tate/Editor

    Actor Dennis Weaver is pushing on in his cause to leave a cleaner legacy for future generations.

    Recently, he and his wife, Gerry, invited friends and sponsors of the Weavers’ “Drive For Life,” a media campaign drawing attention to the possible use of alternative fuel-powered cars, to their Malibu home to thank them and plan next year’s drive.

    In early November, the Weavers drove a hybrid electric/gasoline car, a Toyota Prius, from Los Angeles to Denver. They also showed an automobile that created hydrogen as it drove. The Weavers hope next year’s drive will take them all the way to Washington.

    The Weavers formed the Institute of Ecolonomics nine years ago to bring business and environmental interests together to fight pollution, and, in Dennis’ words, “to save the planet.”

    Representatives from BMW, Toyota and Ford attended the party, as well as representatives from the Soboba Band of the Luiseno Indian Tribe, a major supporter of the Weavers’ cause. Other supporters who attended included actors Ed Begley, Jr., Lindsay Wagner and Bill Pullman, who starred with Weaver in TNT’s “The Virginian,” which aired in January.

    BMW showed a hybrid hydrogen/gasoline model, which, when run solely on hydrogen, is completely emission free.

    The push for the use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel and power use is growing, with major car and oil companies combing efforts to produce not only hydrogen-powered cars, but stations to generate and distribute hydrogen.