Letter: Testing More Campuses

I have to ask an obvious question: Why have Webster and Point Dume Marine Science Schools not been put under the same “toxic scrutiny” as the three schools located in the Malibu Park neighborhood? The three elementary schools were constructed during the same “toxic time table.”

Certainly, I am not trying to cause alarm. I feel my child is safe at Juan Cabrillo: my siblings and I are alumni of both campuses, my sister works at both schools, my mother worked on site for the district for over 12 years and my childhood friends are healthy.

I feel Juan Cabrillo has been unjustly dragged into a political battle between Malibu Community Alliance (MCA) and the high school. Malibu Unites needs to step up to the plate, and do some “explaining,” because if Juan Cabrillo has toxic issues, the other two elementary schools might as well. 

The community needs to pressure MCA to drop its appeal and stop what appears to be influence over Malibu Unites.

Lisa Niles-Gutierrez

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