‘Monday Night Movies at the Malibu Pier’

"Monday Night Movies at the Malibu Pier" will begin July 23. The screenings are free to the public.

Free Monday night movies at Malibu Pier begin July 23 featuring the world premiere of “Monterey Pop: Remixed.”

Malibu residents and visitors will now be able to see movies for free at the Malibu Pier on Monday nights beginning next week courtesy of Malibu Pier Partners, LLC, California State Parks, CommCinema and radio station K-Earth 101 FM. Guests will be treated to a diverse selection of films, including several outdoor cinema premieres plus the world premiere of “Monterey Pop: Remixed.”

Following a lengthy renovation to repair extensive storm damage, the 100-year-old pier was partially reopened to the public three years ago. Used since then primarily for sport fishing, the pier recently announced plans to open new restaurants and other attractions later this year. Now, to encourage wider public use of this historic venue, Malibu Pier Partners has signed Malibu-based CommCinema to provide free public screenings on a state-of-the-art, high-definition digital cinema system, which has been custom designed to fit the pier. Scott Tallal of CommCinema said the high definition screen is 50 percent larger than ones used earlier for screenings on the pier.

Fortieth Anniversary

This summer marks the 40th anniversary of the Monterey International Pop Music Festival, celebrated on the county fairgrounds in Monterey, Calif.- which was staged by legendary music producer Lou Adler along with Grammy award-winning songwriter John Philips of The Mamas and the Papas. A 90-minute film of the festival by noted documentary director D. A. Pennebaker was released the following year.

A screening of “Monterey Pop” took place at Malipalooza! in June at Bluffs Park; however, the upcoming screening at the pier includes a great deal of footage not seen before.

Tallal said Adler handed over all the raw footage shot for “Monterey Pop” and he reedited it for the remix version. As a result, 75 percent of the “Remix” to be premiered Monday will feature rarely seen footage of Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Simon & Garfunkel, The Mamas & the Papas and many others.

Other films to be screened at the “Monday Night Movies at the Malibu Pier” include “Bobby,” “Who Killed the Electric Car,” “Shut Up and Sing,” “Blue Crush” and “Best in Show.”

“Every title delivers its own important message,” said David L. Lyons, president of CommCinema. Formerly a senior executive with one of the nation’s largest exhibitors, Lyons initially created the first outdoor film series in Malibu three years ago after the town’s only local theater was closed by fire.

“These films address everything from the environment to free speech, from pet adoption to women’s empowerment and the kind of positive political engagement Bobby Kennedy tried so hard to inspire,” Lyons said.

With this new series, Lyons said, “We’re trying to offer an alternative to the big blockbuster summer movies and provide a venue for interesting films deserving of wider audience. Malibu is arguably the most discriminating film community per capita anywhere in the country and the pier is a world-class venue, so this incredible combination will offer a truly unique experience for the serious filmgoer.”

In addition to the custom-made screen designed by Tallal specifically for the Malibu Pier, the free Monday night movie series will also feature full-range multichannel audio.

Admission to all “Monday Night Movies at the Malibu Pier” is free, and discounted parking will be available to movie patrons at the pier. Chair rental, movie-related concessions and more will be available for purchase. Some titles may not be suitable for children so parental discretion is advised. Donations at the event are greatly appreciated to ensure the continuation of the program.

More information about the screenings can be obtained by calling 310.924.4212.