Letter: Malibu High School Past

Letter to the Editor

Malibu High School past

The Malibu Park Community and Malibu High parents have asked why there was no public notice of the 2011 abatement that removed toxic soil from the MHS campus. 

In 2010, after being told that disturbing the MHS soil would create a health hazard, the Measure BB Advisory Committee dismissed the need to notify the community. Below you will find the recorded minutes from that meeting. No additional action was taken until Feb. 3, 2011 when the MHS hazmat effort was approved by SMMUSD Board. It was one of a group of 27 amendments the Board approved that evening, as a group, without any discussion. Other than being listed as a single line item in that 100 page agenda packet, no other public notice was provided.

The Malibu Community Alliance


Aug. 30, 2010

Hunter Gaines to present Malibu High School: Contaminated Soil Removal

David Reznick asked if there were areas that are going to be disturbed. 

Gaines replied in the affirmative, abatement would occur over the summer of 2011.

Michael Sidley inquired about the source of the PCBs. 

Gaines replied that it is unknown.

Sidley inquired as to when the public is going to find out that there are PCBs?

Jan Maez asked what would the committee suggest. 

Reznick inquired if there are current health hazards to the students? 

Stuart Sam replied that there are none until the area is disturbed. We will not be disturbing the area until the break. 

Maez added that the public will know when we go to the board with an amendment to abate.

Dennis Crane inquired if Mark Kelly knew about this issue and that it may be important for him to be informed. 

Gaines replied in the negative. 

Reznick asked if there has been any groundwater testing. 

Gaines replied in the negative. They didn’t find any PCBs below five feet.