Get planes under control


The plane crash on Aug. 22, would not have happened and three people would not be dead if the air traffic directly off the Malibu Coast had any kind of logical control. I grew up in Malibu on the beach and will be 57 at the end of this week. I have seen Malibu change and not always for the good of all of us. Malibu used to be peaceful and private. Each decade the residents gave up more and more of theses “P” blessings under the guise of furthering another “P” word-progress.

As I see and hear it, progress has given us planes and helicopters that fly by directly outside our living room windows, shaking the glass with their wind and noise factors, sending dogs into frenzies, and damaging all of our hearing permanently and totally destroying any privacy in our cliffside living rooms, I had one pilot wave at me from his cockpit. My return wave was mono fingered. Now I wish I had written this letter back then. Something must be done. These aircraft are allowed to fly far too low and close to our already threatened homes. We have already had to give up our personal safety up to the public by allowing them to come through easements granted without any concern for the existing residents needs. We now have to put up and clean up after folks who leave broken bottles, dirty human feces remains and burning embers left over from large out of control bonfires started by drunken “partiers” who cannot be controlled.

I know it is time for something to be done to control this madness called progress. Let’s start with some air traffic control. Let us save some lives in the future. Let us not ignore the obvious. Contact the FAA at 1.800.322.7873. The sound decimal levels problem alone should be able to start the ball rolling. Get involved, Malibu. We don’t have to be wimps and put up with this abuse. Time to fight for our “P” rights.

Barbara Moore