Interference penalty


This letter was addressed to the California Coastal Commission and Sara Wan, a commissioner.

This letter is written on behalf of the Trancas Property Owners Association. The purpose of this letter is to formally object to Sara Wan taking any role on any matters where there is an access related issue applicable to any property on Broad Beach, whether it be a permit application, an enforcement matter, one involving a local coastal plan or amendments to same, or otherwise.

The basis of this request is that she is biased, and gives the appearance of bias, when it comes to Malibu and, in particular, to Broad Beach.

Her hostility to the City and to specific areas of the City is well known and demonstrated. She has specifically interjected herself and made herself part of the issues impacting Broad Beach.

For example, on at least three occasions in the recent past, Ms. Wan has made herself the issue regarding Broad Beach access. On one occasion, she brought a Los Angeles Times reporter and photographer and sat on private property thus staging a confrontation. On another occasion, she gave a televised interview to NBC News at the site. And on August 5, she provided a taped television interview to the BBC on Broad Beach.

Her actions and comments demonstrate a bias inconsistent with her role as a neutral decision maker. She is disabled from serving in a judicial capacity because she has assumed the role of witness and prosecutor and with such demonstrated bias and animus.

Ms. Wan, please confirm your recusal going forward.

Marshall B. Grossman