That spate of hate

Howard Berman, who is obliged to represent a cross-section of constituents in Congress, not only accuses Republicans (me) of “crazed hatred” [The Malibu Times, Jan. 28], he cutely refers to Republicans (me) as “narrow and constipated.”

Letter writer O.P. Reed Jr. [Feb. 4] slings the same slop at Reta Templeman, calling her a good example of “irrational hatred.”

Why on earth is it so important for some people to believe that political conservatives must be driven by hate? Is this the only way they can assume the moral high ground?

“Hate” is a terrible word. By using it against another person in a political war, one hides like a child in the realm of the superficial. Accusing someone of hate is an ideal way for a mentally lazy person to avoid dealing with complexities. Its purpose is to silence and debase the opposition unconditionally.

Human nature is not so black and white. Citizens want to admire and respect their leaders; it takes a lot of bad behavior to turn them away.

Berman may be in the trenches in Washington, but his simplistic assessment dishonors the fine people at home and on both sides of the aisle who are struggling with profound and historic issues. One cannot follow the process of impeachment without being impressed by the sincerity, eloquence and conviction of all the legislators.


If, as Reed writes, Templeman is so irrational, opinionated and filled with hate, I wonder which of these three (Reed, Berman or Templeman) Arnold York would choose to have in his corner if he had to fight an issue of freedom of the press?

Tina Fisher Forde

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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