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Regarding “Kissel Wars,” which appeared on the front page Feb. 4, I would like to point out that Steve Dahlberg, chief financial officer of the Kissel Company, and I had a single telephone conversation late last year regarding the replacement of the mobilehome park’s septic system.

Mr. Dahlberg asked if, as president of the Paradise Cove Homeowners

Association, I would suggest to the board that we call a meeting of park residents to take a vote to see how many homeowners would be willing to pay roughly $60 a month for 15 years to make possible the installation of a $1.5 million septic system. Mr. Dahlberg even agreed to help with the collection and counting of the ballots.

After discussing this suggestion with our board, it was decided that it is not really our place to have the homeowners association do the landlord’s work and that if the Kissel Company wished to offer such a proposal to residents, they should feel free to call their own meeting.

The article also suggests that it might be possible for the residents and landlord to settle their differences prior to the Kissel’s criminal trial set for March 19. Since the case is being prosecuted by the Environmental Crimes/OSHA Division of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, on behalf of the People of the State of California, any pretrial disposition can only be worked out between the Kissel Company and the DA.

Steven Kunes



Paradise Cove Homeowners Association

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