Bobcat, Miniature Horse Killed in Malibu Area

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

A bobcat that frequented the Santa Monica Mountains was struck and killed by a vehicle on Lindero Canyon Road in Westlake Village on Tuesday, Nov. 1, according to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Facebook page.

B-295, an adult female, has been tracked by rangers since 2012.

“Her death underscores the challenges of navigating not just freeways, but even the roads in this area,” Public Affairs Officer Kate Kuykendall wrote in the post.

Another animal death in the Santa Monica Mountain range took place last weekend when a mountain killed a miniature horse at a Malibu ranch.

P-45, who has been known to roam the area, is suspected of killing Marco Polo, whose owner, Barbara Lyons, “considered [it] part of her family,” according to CBS.