To protect and serve . . . tickets?


    It seems the “peace” officers assigned to Malibu, and possibly the entire Lost Hills Sheriff’s Dept., have lost sight of what it means to protect and serve.

    In whose best interest is it to ticket a peaceful local resident for dropping off a video at Blockbuster? (We are all guilty!)

    Does the officer do this all day long? Is this part of some ridiculous quota, at $330 a pop?

    It is completely ridiculous that this officer was writing a parking ticket for a car that was never parked, and pathetic that she could not keep the situation from escalating, calling for back-up, causing a fine lady to be handcuffed in front of her young child and having the horror of seeing her child leave with a total stranger.

    You would be incredulous at how many of us have similar stories. Hopefully, we will now be able to organize and make these incidents heard. I hope Ms. Vandor has a great lawyer and is able to instigate some real changes in the way Lost Hills conducts itself with the good citizens of Malibu.

    Susi Manners