Letter: 24/7 Commitment

Letter to the Editor

I’ve been reading on message boards some very terrible accusations and attacks on the character of our city manager, Reva Feldman. I wanted to take this opportunity to share my experience and perspective, as I think some of what has been said is unfair and this forum doesn’t allow her the opportunity to clarify, refute or defend herself against these attacks on her motives and character.  

For those of you who may not be aware, as owners of Malibu Coast Animal Hospital, we are tenants of the City of Malibu. We have worked with Reva while she was in the position of assistant city manager, where she vigorously fought for the city during our lease negotiations and proved her commitment to her position.  While that did not benefit us, we respected her skill and determination and know that she was doing her best to represent the city’s interests. 

As we watched her transition to the role of city manager, and take on the enormous and unprecedented amount of tasks relating to the fires and now COVID, we feel that she has displayed that same commitment and has been available 24/7 to the community. Reva has been organized, efficient and very available to those of us trying to rebuild. We are truly grateful for that.  Seeing the most recent posts about the letter to Mitch McConnell, which was sent by the mayor, not the city manager, it seems that people are quite quick to attack without knowing all the facts.  I would encourage everyone to make sure you are considering both sides of the story and getting your information directly from the source when formulating your opinions and informing your reactions.  

At Malibu Coast Animal Hospital, one of our core values is “We consistently uplift and support each other and this community.” I would love to see the people of Malibu come together with positive energy and suggestions on how to improve our community, improve communication by reaching out to city staff and our city council members. This is an emotionally charged time for all of us. We’ve lost a lot and endured a lot. Whatever our differences in perspective, we share that experience. My concern is that venting and attacking on social media decreases the opportunity for dialogue directed at solutions and simultaneously spreads misinformation and ill-will. Let’s grow as a community and focus our efforts on positivity and change for the better. We can get involved, reach out to each other with suggestions, watch our city council meetings and participate together! This is an amazing community and we live in a very special place. When we come together, we can do great things, and supporting people and giving them the tools to succeed will be far more fruitful than tearing them down. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Dean Graulich