Letter: An Undeniable Risk

Letter to the Editor

Many residents of Malibu are concerned about the many small cell wireless antennas being deployed in our community. These powerful antennas, part of the next generation of wireless technology (5G), are being placed in close proximity to our homes, schools (two new ones on Morning View Dr., at both ends of the high school and middle school) and other places where we engage in the activities of our daily lives, even though there is no science that assures their safety. This is an undeniable risk.

The FCC’s human exposure guidelines for the radio frequency (RF) microwave radiation used for this technology are decades out of date and the agency has dismissed the results of decade-long research on RF microwave radiation and human health completed last year by the National Toxicology Program that showed “clear evidence of carcinogenicity.” We have tested the radiation coming from some of these cells and it is dangerously high.

Because the health and safety of our families is at stake, we have formed a group, MalibuForSafeTech.org, which will be addressing city council on Aug. 24 to demand a moratorium on further deployment of 5G until it can be proven safe.

Interested individuals concerned about their health, privacy, security and home values can learn more by visiting MalibuForSafeTech.org and joining us in asking for a moratorium on this dangerous technology on Aug. 24, on the Malibu City Council Zoom meeting. Please visit our website for more information and to sign our e-petition.

Lonnie Gordon