Showcase finds talent


    Adding to the Malibu ‘music scene,’ four talented singers belted out classic jazz tunes at the Malibu Inn recently as part of the monthly Fabulous Finds talent showcase, and the winner now has a chance for a professional recording session as well as live performances.

    The packed bar held an enthusiastic crowd that clapped and cheered as singers performed, hoping to advance their dreams of a singing career.

    Tamela D’Amico, 24, won with her spirited version of “Since I Fell for You.” A restaurant hostess from Santa Monica, D’Amico also wowed fans with an encore performance of “Beyond The Sea.”

    The new AM radio station the Fabulous 570 KLAC hosted the contest, which started in January. The station plays everything from Frank Sinatra to Norah Jones. Every month, four people will compete. The winner from each month will advance to the final contest in December. The station will offer the winner prizes, and work on their behalf to schedule recording sessions and possibly concerts.

    “I’m so excited,” D’Amico said. “This is the first time I ever really entered a radio contest and everyone was so supportive.”

    Thanks to last week’s performance, several industry professionals are already interested in possibly inviting her to sing in clubs and open for established artists in concert.

    The other performers were Dan Olivo, a Los Angeles actor, Pasadena executive assistant Heather Winnen, and Michele Shaheen Tasoff, a talent associate at NBC who lives in Stevenson Ranch.

    Olivo’s strong voice hushed the audience as he sang “Fly Me to the Moon,” and Winnen’s upbeat disposition as she sang “Lady and the Tramp” had more than a few people bobbing their heads and feet. “This was my first experience performing … ” Winnen said. ” … now I’m considering getting a band and trying to perform at a few places in Pasadena.”

    Olivo, an actor, had more than 20 family members and friends come out to support him. Shaheen Tasoff’s friends and family held up signs while she sang “Come Rain or Come Shine,” the last song judges heard before deciding the winner.

    All singers agreed that performing in the friendly atmosphere of Malibu bolstered their confidence and prepared them for the future. “As a performer, when you’re up on stage with people actually listening, there’s nothing better than that,” D’Amico said. “That’s what the Malibu Inn people really gave me … From there, everything just falls into place.”

    Performers interested in participating in the monthly showcases can record a song on CD or tape and send it to The Fabulous 570 KLAC. Future showcase sites are not set at this time. One of the songs must be a cover of a standard song. The selected demos will air Sunday nights at 7 p.m., and listeners can cast votes at The station will invite each week’s winners to sing live at the monthly party.