Bring our people home


Each night on the news, I watch our men and women of the service flying off and fighting far from home. What is so devastating about our circumstances is the fact that over and over we are apprised of the forthcoming and eventual coming attack by terrorists on American soil, and that 9/11 will be nothing when the next disaster hits.

National news informs us that we are better prepared than “we were three years ago, although we are not that prepared.” This is not a comforting answer and actually is a really poor one. We need to protect our borders, to be a united front and fortify ourselves.

Terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, and the many names they wish to call themselves are here. They are waiting, massing, preparing. American troops are fighting far from our shores, being shot out, beheaded, and gunned down. The purpose of this war is weak and serves little use.

Let’s bring our people home and secure our borders. We cannot take the world and its troubles upon ourselves. Leave that to the All Mighty. The Middle East has been at war for centuries and will continue to be.

It’s time to open our eyes and get out of the modern “Vietnam.”

Stefan R. Sanford

Age 15