Letter: Advocate for Schools

Letter to the Editor

The undersigned are just a few of the teachers from our local public schools and preschools who have known and worked with Laura Rosenthal for many, many years. Her selfless dedication to our schools and children is well known throughout the Malibu community. We stand beside her as others try to misrepresent her work, her courage and her advocacy on behalf of our teachers and students.

Laura has always been accessible and honest in her dealings with us, and we are confident that she remains so today. To quote from her 2006 Point Dume Marine Science School PTA Golden Oak Award, “Laura has worked tirelessly to create an environment in Malibu that benefits the students in our school district and the entire community. She has repeatedly demonstrated her ability to recognize the needs of our children and to advocate for principles that she believes in. Laura is a true leader in our community.”

Kris Jennings, Margo Dunn, Angela Whitman, Anne Payne, Dee Dee Cooper, Chi Kim, Beth Levin, Shari Latta, Kay Gabbard, Joe Dimercurio, Sarah Ryan, Sean Ryan, Rachel Stowell, Rebecca Owens and Chris Cullen