Letter: Private Protection

Letter to the Editor

Last Sunday, I observed at least 10 body guards for a foreign family — obviously a high-net worth family who think they are far more important than the shoppers in the Lumber Yard. The bodyguards were surrounding the main courtyard area, standing in front of all the stores.

One of those bodyguards came and stood right next to me about a foot away — and just stood there with the insinuation that I was a person who needed to be watched, in the event that I was going to go mug or shoot one of those family members.

When I took a photo with my iPhone of them coming out of Maxfield, another bodyguard walked up to me and said, “I saw you taking a photo of the family.” I said “yes” as I was about to take another photo. Then he stuck his hand in my face. I told him that I have the federal right to take a photo in a public setting. He responded, “Don’t take photos of the family or you will be arrested.” I responded, “Come on, bring it!”

It is almost impossible to express how inappropriate this huge show of force is in Malibu. If this precedent is not immediately addressed, you can just see what’s coming. Any foreign family of wealth will be permitted to stop everything in Malibu with their own private Army of bodyguards so they can go shopping.

Cary ONeal

Mr. Malibu