Tickets not the issue

Of all the issues facing our beautiful City of Malibu, the mayor’s driving record is the top story? The man got a few tickets and had his license suspended when he couldn’t afford to play the fines because of some family health expenses. As I understand it, none of the tickets involved a collision or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Compared to the president and the two candidates who want to be president, the man’s a saint.

No one’s perfect and those who claim to sit in judgment of others–watch out. And the ex-mayor who just lost the April election and her appointed ex-commissioners need to get a life. Bitterness only feeds on itself.

I’ve watched Mr. Hasse on Channel 15 many times and he’s an excellent city Councilmember and mayor. I may not want him to run a taxicab company or teach driving school, but I’d vote for him again to represent Malibu because he does a good job.

Dan Julien

P.S. If Mr. Hasse really were in the Malibu Bay Company’s pocket, we’d never have heard of his traffic tickets because they’d have been paid off long ago.

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