Act now on pollution


My agenda has always been to clean up the world famous pollution at Surfrider Beach. For many years this has been my concern. Yet, others, who are promoting irresponsible commercial development, and spec-developers, have accused me of foisting my agenda on this community. I know that their efforts won’t change. I also know Jeff Jennings, Ken Kearsley and now, Pamela Conley Ulich. These three ask you to look at the Land Use Plan (LUP) on the city’s web site. I urge you to look at it because where the Resident Committee’s version of 2000 LUP had language utilizing strong words such as “prevent,” “avoid” and “protect” our environment, now these words are replaced with “reduce” and “minimize” impact on our environment. This city’s present government replaced these words.

I hope it is obvious that Jeff Jennings and Ken Kearsley have misrepresented facts on many accounts and that commercial property rights are not the same as residential property rights. As a surfer in a community that is synonymous with surfing, it distresses me that Jeff Jennings misuses a baseball platform to drive his campaign and says, “Things are being done to clean up the pollution, in aces.” Yet, the truth remains, it is being sorely neglected in favor of promoting commercial development. He states, “We all know wetlands don’t clean up pathogens (germs and toxins).” Yet that is what a wetland does exactly, but the Malibu Bay Company (MBC) owns the artificial land on top of the center’s floodplain/wetland. So, Mr. Jennings also tells you the UCLA study stated the historical wetland was on the south side of PCH. The truth is the UCLA study states and maps the entire Civic Center as a wetland/floodplain, even under the County offices and library.

Pamela Conley Ulich says, “The pollution problem needs to be studied.” Yet five major studies over the past 12 years costing over 1.3 million dollars have all stated essentially the same thing: “recover and restore of the historical wetland/floodplain.” Please note that I will substantiate any statement I make here should anyone publicly challenge it.

Bob Purvey