Letter: Setting it Straight

Letter to the Editor

David Brotman wrote a letter mischaracterizing something about my position, and that of Skylar Peak and Zuma Jay Wagner’s, concerning Bluffs Park and overnight camping in the last issue — alleging that somehow we favor overnight camping to the development planned for Bluffs Park. Now, a friend sent me an email that has Justine Petretti, a Malibu Parks and Rec Commissioner, spreading the same falsehoods, so let me set the record straight.

The idea that I am supportive of campgrounds in Bluffs Park is a blatant falsehood, and could not be further from the truth.

Here are the facts: Due to a successful lawsuit that I helped lead, there can be no camping in Bluffs Park without the full approval of the City of Malibu. My neighborhood of Ramirez Canyon, along with the City of Malibu, sued and won against the Coastal Commission. The ruling states that the City of Malibu has the sole authority to approve development within this city, even on state lands.

Our lawsuit, which was a hardship and very expensive for our neighborhood, was a significant victory for the residents of Malibu and the city itself. It took years of effort and money on the part of my neighbors and it is disturbing that Commissioners Brotman and Petretti would mischaracterize my position to voters at this stage of the election without even talking to me about it.

We have fought long and hard against the conservancy’s dangerous plans for camping in Malibu. My neighbors and I are due appreciation for our hard work at shutting that down. The beneficiaries of our efforts over many years are the people of Malibu. 

Rick Mullen