Senate supports Pavley’s stiffer fracking regulations

Fran Pavley

California’s Senate approved a bill Wednesday in a 27-11 vote that would impose tougher fracking laws throughout the state.

The bill, SB 4, was proposed by Sen. Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills), who represents Malibu and surrounding cities. It would require the issuance of public notices, permits and details of fracking chemicals before the fracking process begins.

Fracking is a practice in which water, chemicals or sand are injected into the ground to create cracks in rock formations and release oil and gas. Fracking is most commonly practiced in California as a method of obtaining oil.

Opponents of fracking fear long-term impacts on groundwater quality and seismic activity along earthquake faultlines. 

California has thus far lagged behind states such as Texas and Wyoming in its failure to monitor or regulate fracking within its borders,” according to a release from Pavley’s office. “The oil industry has argued that fracking has occurred in California for decades without incident, but few records exist that could verify or refute such a claim.”

We must protect California from risks to our economy, public health and safety and environment,” Pavley said.

SB 4 still faces a vote in the Assembly and a sign-off from Gov. Jerry Brown.

What do you think of the state toughening fracking laws?