Foreign Policy

Longtime resident Ted Vaill (right) and Pierre d’Anselme (left), a French scholar from Paris

Members of the Malibu Democratic Club and Pacific Palisades Democratic Club met to watch Hillary Clinton accept the party’s nomination for President of the U.S. at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last Thursday. French scholar Pierre d’Anselme joined the festivities as a guest of the Society of Cincinnati.

George Washington founded the Society of Cincinnati in 1783, along with Revolutionary War officers from the 13 colonies and France. Today, there are chapters in each of the 13 present-day states and France, with 3,500 members worldwide. One way the Society keeps the Revolutionary War history and spirit alive is with an annual student exchange — a French scholar, son of a French member, is exchanged for an American scholar, son of an American member. 

“Pierre is the fifth French scholar I have hosted in Los Angeles,” Vaill said.