Letter: Fine Leadership

Considering the many problems we all have faced lately, I think it unkind of anyone to write criticism of anything. Recently, there have been negative remarks about Pepperdine University, one of so many institutions that help mold our children. In America, we have endless options in our educational system—Pepperdine is one of the better ones. The tremendous workload it is to run such a big place every day should be complimented, never attacked for any reason.

Those who disagree with a policy or position should rather contact the university and submit any grievances and, thus, help to resolve any issues without emotion.

Some people yell and shout. Others calmly work things out. It is my hope that cooler heads will prevail in so many areas of our lives. In no country on Earth does anyone have such opportunity as we do in our beloved America. Yes, we have problems and we will continue to have problems. 

Only, remember the matriarch of the Kennedy clan, Rose Kennedy: I think her words were, “It is not what you experience, it is how you handle it.”

I pray everyone will calm down and again work things out. New President Jim Gash and [Pepperdine Chancellor] Sara Jackson are two fine new leaders of Pepperdine and they deserve the support of everyone in Malibu.

Morten Wangler

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