Letter: Why Bypass?

Letter to the Editor

Letter addressed to Malibu City Council

I oppose agenda item 6A set for discussion at the Malibu City Council Meeting on Sept. 14.

The reason for my objection is that staff would have the power to approve all fire rebuilds.

Anyone appealing a fire rebuild because of view protection, not like-for-like or size, would be heard by the city council without going through the planning commission.

This would place a fire rebuild appeal for any hearing in front of the city council and would become very time consuming for the city council because they would be obligated to put the  hearing into their calendar, which may take several months and would bypass the planning commission, which should be the first stop for administrative appeals.

Just as fire rebuilds are really getting underway, why would the city council be the first hearing, instead of utilizing the planning commission? This is a staff idea to bypass the planning commission decision-making process.

There was really no announcement of this item and I am just lucky I looked up your agenda for Sept. 14.

Terry Lucoff