Legacy of mistakes


I feel sorry for you, Rick Wallace. Your gushing, jingoistic tribute to George Bush is just too much to stomach. I’m baffled by your myopic, willfully ignorant views. Correct me if I am wrong but the tragedy of 9/11 occurred well into George W. Bush’s watch.

I grant you that Bush and Co. have been very busy for the past eight years added to Gingrich’s Congress before that. Bush has compromised the impartiality of the Supreme Court for my lifetime. He has cut federal agencies that are vital to the well-being of our citizens. As a result of tampering with the FDA, EPA, FEMA, USPS and Armed Forces, to name only a few, we now have a legacy of: pets dead from tainted food, hundreds of people hospitalized from salmonella, thousands of lives deeply affected not just by natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, but the criminal incompetence of Bush appointees, the invasion of privacy in our phone calls, e-mail, and snail mail, and the hiring of mercenaries like Blackwater in a veiled attempt to privatize our military.

Justice has become a sham from the first day he took office, not by popular vote, but through chicanery and cronyism.

Tell me, how can you validate torture? How can you honestly feel that we are safer today than nine years ago? You write about terrorist attacks. But, has Bin Laden been caught and tried? How can you close your eyes to the lies and secrecy running rampant through this administration?

The current financial fiasco can be laid squarely at President Bush’s door. This administration believes in running a war on credit. Tell me, just when are those loans from China going to come due?

As a real estate agent, you should have been aware of the mortgage crash and credit crises. We don’t need foreign terrorists to take down our financial backbone. George Bush’s administration has accomplished this more thoroughly than any militant group. How ironic that the Republican Party’s cohorts and its business practices are largely responsible for the biggest financial disaster in history. There is no outlook more grim to the American public than the trillion dollar bailout that will have to be funded by the average citizen through taxation. It’s amusing that the Republican Party has had to go back to the policies of F.D.R.’s New Deal to try and fix it.

George Bush does have quite a legacy, but it’s not the one you dream about. Now we need a change we can believe in.

Nancy Hirsch