Cyclist Seriously Injured in Alleged PCH Assault

Morning View Drive

A possible case of road rage turned physical in a PCH incident on Saturday, resulting in the airlift transportation of a 57-year-old male cyclist under serious conditions to UCLA Medical Center on Saturday around 3 p.m.

A truck driver allegedly pushed a bicyclist into the No. 1 lane of traffic as he rode westbound on PCH between Busch and Morning View drives after arguing about the use of the highway shoulder. The driver was arrested for felony assault. 

“There was a verbal confrontation with a bicyclist and a driver of a truck about the use of the shoulder lane on PCH,” Lt. Jim Royal said.

What started as a dispute between a 57-year-old male cyclist and a 47-year-old male driver of a parked truck escalated when the driver of the truck drove west on PCH, parked, exited his truck, and waited for the approaching cyclist.

As the cyclist rode along PCH in the No. 2 lane, the waiting driver approached the cyclist and allegedly pushed him to the ground of the No. 1 lane on PCH.

The cyclist was not wearing a helmet.

Witnesses at the scene of the accident reported seeing the cyclist in bad condition. As they called for help, a Good Samaritan and first responder comforted the cyclist with prayer and shade.

“There was so much blood,” Titania Lindfors said. 

Lindfors reported many citizens stopped their vehicles to offer the cyclist help as they waited for emergency services to arrive.

“It was just instinct to help him,” Lindfors said. “I just sat over him and prayed.”

As the citizens waited with the cyclist, Lindfors said the driver of the vehicle waited too.

“The cyclist was airlifted to UCLA Medical via helicopter with serious injuries, lacerations,” Royal said. 

The victim and suspect identities were not released as of press and the victim’s current condition is unknown.