Three-Legged Bobcat Being Tracked in Santa Monica Mountains

Three-Legged Bobcat

Santa Monica Mountains-dwelling bobcat B-337 is missing one front leg but, according to biologists, the defect does not seem to be slowing her down. 

A camera posted on the western end of the mountain range caught footage of B-337 moving gracefully on her three legs, according to the LA Times. She landed in one of the park’s cage traps in December, where she was collared and being tracked and studied by researchers. 

It is not yet known whether B-337 is missing a leg due to a birth defect or an injury. Her kitten, Bobcat B-336, is missing one of his ears, also for reasons unknown to biologists. Biologists do know, however, that B-337 is doing well enough to catch live prey to feed both herself and her kitten.