Letter: Analyzing Motives

Letter to the Editor

A dear friend — who is an active member of “Friends of the Malibu Urgent Care” — urged me to read up on Measure R … so I did. The first article I read was an editorial by Ed Warren (“Analysis of Measure R” from the Oct. 16 edition). I didn’t know Warren so I googled him and learned he is the husband of JoJo Giese, the woman who raised $750k for the beautification of the medians dividing PCH in Malibu. 

Beginning in the third paragraph, I sensed a threat of litigation against those who might vote “yes” on the measure. This threat went on for almost half the article. 

The next portion was devoted to the perceived danger to Urgent Care. How can giving the right to Malibu citizens to vote on huge development projects hurt Urgent Care? Well, it seems Urgent Care is operating at a loss (as is our Federal Government). Do they not charge enough? Are there not enough people using Urgent Care? Is it only with the help of their “Friends” group they can pay their bills? And if so, why shouldn’t those who support Malibu Urgent Care be the ones who help them stay in business? I contributed when asked. 

How will your “no” vote on Measure R help Urgent Care? Well it seems that Steve Soboroff, the developer who is heading the “No on Measure R” team, will set aside 5,000 square feet of the 80,000 he wants to develop for Malibu Urgent Care at one dollar per year. Urgent care only needs 2,500 square feet, but the Friends intend to rent out the other 2,500 square feet and Urgent Care’s financial problems will be over. 

Mr. Soboroff, we are told, has “a great history of community service” and will help Urgent Care, but only if Measure R is defeated. Sounds like a bribe to me. 

Mr. Soboroff is a big developer. Mr Reiner, although the name sounds familiar, is just a taxpaying resident, like me, who treasures the small town, rural atmosphere we love. 

Agnes Peterson