Out in the cold


Regarding the so-called Heathercliff-PCH proposed property purchase by the city, I am confused about the non prioritized recommendations of the Blue Ribbon committee appointed by members of the City Council. Now it is up to the council members, as it was before the selection of the Blue Ribbon committee, to decide among the many suggestions how to use the property if purchased.

I am puzzled by the lack of specific priorities in order of the committee’s preferences as stated by Mr. Mazza in his letter to the editor. Two of my neighbors dutifully attended all of the meetings and expressed the priorities of those of us on Bonsall who will be most affected by the city’s decision.

Why wasn’t the date regarding the public comments portion of the meeting of the committee announced to the many people who would come forward with suggested uses? Two appointees showed up only for the very last meeting. What kind of democratic procedure is this?

Mary L. Buchanan