On the debit side


All the talk about a City Council campaign that rejected personal attacks lasted for 7 days! In last week’s papers, Andy Stern decided to drag us back into the gutter, where he retreats to during nearly every city council meeting, with ugly personal attacks against John Mazza.

The City Council resume which Andy highlighted in his letter neglects to mention the unbelievable 15-year interest-free loan of $1 1/2 million that the City recently gave the developer of the lumberyard. In fact, we no longer actually have a lumberyard. He fails to mention the adversarial relationship the city has with numerous governmental agencies. He failed to mention the taxpayer dollars the City has spent to fight these agencies, rather than to solve the problems, and he also failed to mention that the City Council, due to their incompetence, lost over $8 million in state grants that could have been used to purchase the Chili Cook-Off property.

Not only has Mr. Stern twisted the facts about what he has accomplished as a City Council person, he has also misrepresented what John Mazza stands for and John’s significant contributions to Malibu during his many years of public service. With the exception of Andy Stern and Lloyd Ahern, I believe the vast majority of Malibu residents would like to leave personal attacks “in the rear-view mirror.”

Richard H. Carrigan