Thanks for running


Malibu is so beautiful I sometimes forget that it’s just another tiny city in our currently corrupt country. So I guess I shouldn’t be aghast at current campaign tactics. Anyone who runs for councilperson should be commended. They put themselves out there with the knowledge that they will be attacked! I really admire those who still want to help the city by running again. (Walt Keller, for example, who I think brave to run again!) Thank you all for taking on a thankless job! The newer people of Malibu must find it confusing to try to make a decision with all the conflicting campaign issues. Remember, the most negative cause one can make is that of slander, of others as well as slander of self. It’s admirable to have strong convictions but not to the point of slander! A conscientious vote needs private research, involving all of the candidates.

I’m shocked that vandalism has occurred with several campaign signs. I took the time to call the city for the rules about displaying signs. I put up several signs up canyons and along PCH (15′ behind pole line, per instructions). I did this four times but the signs were always removed. I even put a note with phone number requesting a call before removing the sign(s). I called the City and Cal-Trans but they didn’t take the signs down. So, some private citizen(s) out there decided that only their candidates’ signs should be visible. It takes time, money, energy and commitment to go around and display signs. I wonder if the person(s) who took down the signs thought about the person who put them up. Well, if the candidate has the right stuff, including integrity, we don’t need signs.

Let’s vote thinking of the whole-environmentalists, animal protectors, kids, the school system, traffic, developers, etc. Most of all, we should think of the ocean, beach, mountains, plants and animals. All were here before us. We live in an unique city. Perhaps we all need to take a break, rest and breathe and really think before altering Malibu.

Alessandra DeClario