City Officials to Host ‘Firescape’ Fire-Safe Landscaping Workshops

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In efforts to inform Malibu residents and resources  to protect their homes, the City of Malibu, West Basin Municipal Water District, LA County Public Works and LA County Waterworks are collaborating on Malibu Smart by hosting free firescaping workshops open to the community—informing homeowners the best ways to protect their homes from fire using landscaping.

The free workshops will take place in City Hall on Sept. 10 and Nov. 5. Free rebates will also be available to encourage residents to participate in free home assessments.

Residents will learn how to identify risks as well as techniques and ways to reduce water use. West Basin Municipal Water’s Scott Houston said they wanted to find better ways to help the community and the water district.

“I think [workshops] will be very informational; it might give them some ideas and concepts they might not have thought of,” Houston said. “It’s a good educational tool, to help bring the community together as they rebuild and prepare for the future.”

The workshops will help locals prepare before the next fire.

“These workshops are designed to help people learn more about landscaping that would be much safer and better to prevent fire accommodation,” Houston said. 

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