War economy too destructive


In today’s economy, with many businesses failing and many people jobless, it is just so sad to me that the most profitable business is weapons manufacturing with the United States supplying weapons and military technology to more than 80 percent of the conflicts around the world (yes, both sides of the conflicts).

Last week Britain and more than 100 countries supported by Amnesty and Oxfam defeated an attempt by the United States, Russia, China and Israel to get an international agreement to approve the continued use of cluster bombs which were banned in 2008.

Cluster bombs, which have been used in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon scatter “bomblets” over a wide area, maiming and killing civilians, notably children, long after they have been dropped. The unexploded “bomblets” have the appearance of yellow drink containers and are attractive, often picked up by children who mistake them for toys. However, the consequences are lethal, often resulting in maiming and fatalities.

I know I am not the only person who wonders where our collective “moral compass” is in this matter. There must be many who think we should be acting on the basis of humanitarian imperatives and benefits.

What will it take to change a war economy to an economy that is more life affirming?

Valerie Sklarevsky