Letter: Deepest Appreciation

Letter to the Editor

To A Dedicated Public Servant, Mike Treinen

On behalf of former Mayor Lou La Monte and myself, and the Board of the Malibu Democratic Club, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation for a great pillar of the community who recently passed away, former Deputy Sheriff Mike Treinen. We both had fond memories of Mike’s involvement in this community that he loved and his unending dedication to making sure Malibu and its residents were safe.

But Mike gave so much more. I remember him being a caring and compassionate public servant, particularly when it came to the emerging issue of homelessness. As frequent patrons of city council meetings will attest, Mike would always stand guard in the rear of the auditorium and always quick with that disarming smile. Always standing guard over our safety.

Although an officer of the law, he refused to criminalize those who were down on their luck. He was a true public servant who cared for our town and led by example, not by hollow words. As Lou has said, “If we had more like him, the world would be a much better place.”

I would often see him while out on my daily bicycle rides and when meeting up with fellow cyclists at the old Coffee Bean on Saturday mornings; he would yell out of his squad to me, prompting my pals to comment “nice to have powerful friends.”

Malibu owes a debt of immense gratitude to Mike and we will be poorer due to his premature departure. In a world in which citizens have cast doubt upon and lost faith and confidence in our leaders and institutions, Mike was a shining exemplar of a fine public servant, giving the world hope that not all is lost, goodness reigns over darkness, and positivity conquers despair.

So on behalf of the Malibu Democratic Club we all salute you good sir for a job well done and a life worthy of our respect. We will miss you, my friend.

Lance Simmens, vice-president

Lou La Monte, vice-president