Nominees sought for annual Malibu Times Dolphin Awards


Every year, for the past 11 years, several outstanding citizens of the City of Malibu have been selected to receive The Malibu Times Dolphin Awards for outstanding community service.

Since 1990, more than 100 citizens have been honored for their contributions to Malibu and have received their awards at a special awards ceremony usually taking place in late January or early February. We’d like you to help us identify candidates for the Year 2001 Dolphin Awards. We have printed a list of all the previous awardees on the back of the A Section.

Publisher Karen York best described Dolphins in a letter to the editor last year:

“Dolphins come in many flavors. Some contribute their energies to helping our children, our seniors or our homeless. Others make their contributions through city government, educational institutions or service clubs. While others are engaged in programs or organizations which further our cities environmental, intellectual, esthetic and cultural life. Some have focused on recent community or personal challenges while others have provided leadership for many years. As there are innumerable ways and means of making a difference, there are no specific categories or age requirements. Dolphins have been awarded to organizations, couples, students-the common denominator is their contributions to Malibu.”

Please take a few minutes to suggest candidates for The Malibu Times Dolphin Awards for the Year 2001. Please give us at least one page on why you think they should be selected and send the information to us by fax at 310.456.8986, or e-mail at , or even by snail mail to The Malibu Times, 3864 Las Flores Canyon Rd., Malibu, CA 90265. The deadline is Jan. 11, 2002.

We get many nominations of deserving candidates every year. You can resubmit a name for several years if you like, but what’s most helpful is that you give us detailed information about your nominee to help us make a decision. Since only a few can be chosen, the choice is always a tough one so give it some thought.