Who needs education?


In response to the letter published May 20 from Judie Parr:

Ms. Parr, you obviously have been living under a rock and/or just simply out of touch with California’s economic disaster. But since you submitted your letter to The Malibu Times (“No Love For A”), I will assume you at least read this publication. I then ask you to please read the front page of the same paper your letter was published titled “School District Readies For a Slew of Cuts”…. the one that reports SMMUSD will face $8.9 million in budget cuts in the very near future (not to speak of the many it has already suffered).

You cry SMMUSD of having “no accountability and not living within their budget.” I am sure they would LOVE to live within their budget, but darn! It just keeps getting cut by a few million bucks here and there. And you’re right, who needs libraries on campus? I mean really! To think the children need books at their fingertips … well, that’s just much too extravagant! Throw them all on a bus and ship ‘em down to the library! That’ll kill some time in the school day. Oh, and not a district bus. No, that costs taxpayer’s money. MTA all the way! And counselors? PUHLEASE! To think that teenagers need any guidance! Those lazy no good parents who rely on everyone else to raise their kids are not worthy of being called a mother or father. Shame on them! SMMUSD, listen up! Stop trying to ensure the future of this world by caring for the education of our children … how very selfish of you! And Ms. Parr, the less than 60 cents a day Measure A is asking for is just too much for these kids. Bah Humbug I say!

Christina Ficeto