Responding to Rosie


    Although I enjoyed the talented writing skills of “Rosie” the dog, I feel I must speak up about a few things.

    In no way do I agree with the way the vigilante handled the finding, and kidnapping of Rosie, and I feel the foul language and ridiculous comments by the person who “rescued” Rosie were out of line, and immature. I do however get tired of people who let their dog continuously escape their yards. (Rosie mentioned this has happened on more than one occasion). A responsible pet owner takes all action to keep their pet safe. Rosie is lucky she has not been hit by a car on one of her occasional escapes. If she was nursing puppies she especially should have been kept in. I take it she was wearing no pet identification tag either.

    Rosie also wondered what is wrong with letting her have babies. She says family, friends, and neighbors wanted puppies from Rosie. I volunteer at the Agoura Animal shelter, and every month we get hundreds of puppies, and grown dogs who desperately need homes. Those same family, friends, and neighbors could go down to the shelter any day, and give a loving home to an unwanted animal.

    Please get Rosie spayed, so animals who are less fortunate can have a chance at a new home.

    Name withheld on request