Property besmirched


    In response to recent letters regarding the Harris Tree Farm property as a possible site for future ballfields, I would like to set the record straight regarding some of the mistruths put forth by upset neighbors. These false statements could negatively impact the marketability of the property.

    1. While the 12 plus acres are not entirely flat, the site is as large and flat combined as you will find in Malibu (not owned by Malibu Bay Co.)

    2. There are no known archeological sites on the property. The soils and geology are good.

    3. The one easement on the western portion of the site is for utility lines only. This does not limit the development in any way.

    4. The east side of the property is bordered by Steep Hill Canyon, which does not make the site environmentally sensitive. The creek in Steep Hill is one that dead-ends into PCH.

    I understand the plight of my neighbors. They have been hoping that a Barbara or Cher will buy the property. My job is to sell the property to the highest and most qualified buyer. As I have told my neighbors, the ballfield proposal is viable for a number of reasons, and I still believe the highest and best use for the property is as a large estate site.

    Please refrain from besmirching the Harris property any further.

    Henry Workman

    R.G. Harris Co.