Going to the dogs


    What is a forbidden subject never to be addressed by the citizens of Malibu? This is a very easy question to answer–dogs on the beach.

    If you live on the beach, and own a dog (or two), the law stating ‘no dogs on the beach’ doesn’t pertain to you. That’s really meant for all the folks who bring their dog (or two) through the easement for a little recreation. Also, the law certainly is for those families who bring their dog (or two) down to the shore for a picnic. Is this practice out of control? You bet it is. At 2 p.m. Saturday Aug.12, all within a short sight from 24712 Malibu Road, I counted 17 animals.

    Unfortunately, animal control doesn’t seem to work on the weekends, and their office is closed.

    I guess I’m one of those few people who are called complainers.

    Joe Feldman