Photo essay in memoriam of Times photographer Jan Crane

Jan Crane with husband Kevin their daughter Shannon, left, and son Sean in Maui, Hawaii last year. Jan had a special affection for the island where her family has a waterfront home.

Malibu resident Jan Crane, who died Sept. 3, photographed events for The Malibu Times for many years, most often through the eyes of a mom, and a member of the Malibu community. She captured images that revealed who makes up this town by the sea: mothers and fathers and the focus of their lives-their children-people who like to have a good time, citizens who care. Her sunny disposition lit up our newsroom when she came to deliver photos for the week, often with her children Sean and Shannon in tow, of whom she was so proud.

Although Jan’s battle with cancer weakened her, she continued to bring in photos, and when she couldn’t make it in anymore, she pressed her husband, Kevin, to e-mail images to us of Little League games and school events. Please see more photos on the photos page of this web site, taken by Jan, which were previously published in 2000 and 2001.The Malibu Times Staff