"No" on Measure "M"


The City Council voted 5-0 to close Civic Center Way. This should give citizens a good idea of the traffic planning skills of the council.

The same group appointed, one per council member, the Planning

Commission. The Planning Commission voted 5-0 to reject the Malibu Bay

Company development agreement. The Commission was concerned by, amongst other

numerous flaws that have been or will be detailed elsewhere, the

inadequacy of the traffic planning. The MBC development would, according to the MBC development study, generate an additional 13,600 cars per day. Do you think the MBC attempted to overstate or understate the amount of anticipated traffic?

The same traffic planners, our City Council, who so carefully arranged

for the blocking of Civic Center Way, now urge you to accept an undoubtedly larger blockage: the construction of a sewage treatment plant at the Chili Cook-off site. The barriers erected by the Council last time were easy to

remove. It will not be so easy to remove a Civic Center mall and sewage treatment plan if Measure M passes. Vote “No” on M unless you wish to trust our five City Council traffic experts.

A reasonable plan for Malibu can be made. Join the Planning Commission in rejecting the unreasonable and untimely plan presented by Measure M.

Bill Sampson