Fair share of receipts


    Here is an opportunity for investigative journalism on your part which can help clarify the atmosphere as the new City Council majority takes over.

    A friend of mine who is a strong Keller-Van Horn supporter claims that the City of Malibu has lost its fair share of the parking tax collected by the County, particularly at Zuma Beach. He says Jeff Jennings negotiated an arrangement with Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky whereby the City would receive 10% of the parking revenue. Walt Keller at the time (between 1994-98, when Jennings was on the Council) insisted on the City receiving 20%. (My friend says other cities get 20%) When Yaroslavsky wouldn’t agree to 20%, Keller, Van Horn and a third Councilmember voted to place the 20% tax on the ballot. The measure failed to get the necessary 2/3 endorsement required. My friend blames this on Jennings.

    Another informed source tells me it was Keller who insisted on the 20%, whereupon Yaroslavsky said the County would oppose it and take it to Court. The Council majority of 3 put the 20% measure to the Malibu voters, and it failed. Who, if anyone, was at fault? Did the City ever get any share of the parking until the 10% parking tax measure which passed on April 11th of this year.

    I am told that Zuma Beach receipts from visitor parking gross approximately $1,200,000 a year. Ten percent would net the City approximately $120,000 a year, and 20% twice that sum. Does the City have a claim to back revenue based on whatever fair share ratio applies to other cities?

    Zane Meckler