Pay heed to kids’ needs


    (The following letter was sent to Councilman Jennings by Boys Scout Spencer Cary)

    I am sending you a letter about the kids of Malibu. The kids of Malibu think that there should be more things for them. The only thing that the city has provided for the kids is Bluffs Park and the skate park. These are only some of the things that the kids want. Like me, I think that us kids should have something more than that. Some things that kids would like would be batting cages and a park. The Bluffs Park keeps being taken away from us. We have already lost a field and soon losing the whole park. I overheard my parents talking about putting a park over by Busch and Merritt. But from what I heard, the neighbors don’t want that because of the noise and the lights.

    With the skate park the kids don’t like to go because they only get to skate for two hours. And the park is only open for a little bit. I like going to the beach, but you can only go there during the day time. The kids of Malibu need something to do at night. In the next week I am moving over the hill to Westlake Village because of these very reasons. Maybe if the city does something about it I might move back. But at this point, the city has gone over the edge. I hope that the whole City Council hears about this and if they don’t, I will go to them myself and say do something about this fast. I hope that this letter is clear.

    Spencer Cary