Officials approve $25K for lighting ordinance consultant

Officials approved $25,000 in funding on Friday for the hiring of a consultant to help craft a citywide lighting ordinance that would provide clear ground rules on outdoor lighting throughout Malibu.

At the Administration and Finance (A&F) Subcommittee meeting Friday, Mayor Lou La Monte and Councilman John Sibert approved the $25,000 figure, though officials said that amount may increase or decrease.

Depending on the proposals received, City Manager Jim Thorsen said the city may need to ask the A&F Subcommittee for further funding if none of the consultants can work for $25,000 or less. 

Sibert, who also sits on the subcommittee that suggested the city move forward with a lighting ordinance, said he fully supported the funding.

“At the ZORACES meeting [on April 30]…we decided we wanted to move forward with this and hopefully $25,000 is enough to do it,” he said. 

With funding now approved, the city will issue a request for proposals (RFP) from lighting consultants. The winning bidder would ideally spearhead the city’s wish to implement clearer lighting standards.


“Let’s see what happens and if you need to come back to us for more [money], we’ll have another discussion about it,” La Monte said. 

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