Socially conscious


    I was fine ’til she called, her voice full of stress

    “I just read the paper,” she said,

    “And the world is a mess!

    Our healthcare system is up the creek

    Floods have ravaged Mozambique.

    The turtle is history. They’re still killing whales

    Crime is rampant so we’re building more jails

    And I read about that African nation

    Where AIDS is killing a whole generation!

    Some see the world as their own Utopia

    I think they suffer from a case of Myopia

    I have to close down now; I’ve no time to spare

    I have a lunch date and I must do my hair.

    The world’s full of sorrow,

    What more can I say?

    I’ll call you tomorrow.” she said

    “Have a nice day!”

    Geraldine Forer Spagnoli