All wiped out

It is moving to hear the toilets flush again. Malibuites were apprehensive about standing in line at the “Great Wall of Trancas Toilets” during the famed three day Malibu Waterline Break. Waiting in line, friends and neighbors shared individual experiences as to the latest “Malibu Disaster.” What wasn’t present at Trancas were any Malibu City Councilmembers standing in line to visit the facilities, to promise us that Malibu would once again be declared a natural disaster area, to offer us comfort, to shake our hands and ask for our votes. Where were the City Councilmembers? Absent! Was this because the local newspaper photographers failed to cover this poignant event? Did our political examples of cityhood illegally flush or did they abstain for three days?

Since the Malibu water system is not Y2K compliant, Malibuites need to take time out of their fast paced lives to check to see if their crisis toilet paper hoard is Y2K compliant. I heard from a muzzled commission member within the city government that if it wasn’t, come Jan. 1, 2000, toilet paper would roll back to 1900’s conformation and Malibuites might once again stand in line at the Trancas outdoor toilets with newly transformed Sears Catalogs in hand. And that’s the truth. Ouch.

Tom Fakehany

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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