Letter: Poor Choice

Letter to the Editor

I think your choice to put Howdy Kabrins’ daughter on the cover is in very poor taste. Thank God he and his wife are in South Africa for her murderer’s trial and can’t see this “lift” from tacky Internet sites like the Daily Mail. You may as well have called up TMZ (which I think you did for the Bruce Jenner accident). 

You didn’t even bother to search South African newscasts to get up-to-date news or more salacious details, as per the boyfriend is from one of the richest families in Central America, who have a charitable foundation and are photographed with government ministers, while the son in question needs no job and is regularly bailed out of trouble in Guatemala. They have paid an extremely high-priced lawyer to “defend” him and bring him new outfits to wear in court, as his clothes are being stolen from him in prison. They did know how Gabriela died: she was strangled in a scenario that resembles more of a hate crime fueled by PCP than a cocaine “drug deal” party. Why would someone from Guatemala need to travel all the way to Africa to get coke? That’s almost a joke.

I can’t even imagine what Howdy and his wife must be feeling in this torturous life event, but you could have given them a little more privacy out of respect for their longtime presence in this community by putting it a few pages back.

Beate Nilsen